Powerful Prophetic Voices have arisen in the past that have changed the course of church and world history! In this time of world trouble, God is issuing a call for these profound prophetic voices to once again arise and reverberate throughout the earth. Will you answer that call? You are invited to join us at our MorningStar prophetic conference “The Sound of Thunder” April 17-20, 2024 at Move Church in Wiesbaden, Germany. The vision for this gathering is to re-ignite a passion for the prophetic in the hearts of believers all across the European continent. We will focus on:
  • Clarity about our times
  • ​Prophetic Ministry
  • Prophetic Words for Europe

About the Ministry opportunity for School of the Prophets Students:

  • Students will be required to minister during the following times: Thursday, April 18, and Friday, April 19, from 4-6 pm.
  • Morningstar will notcover any costs of the trip. The applicant has to organize and pay for their transportation, hotel, and food.
  • The applicant must be willing to download WhatsApp. It will be used for communication during the conference.
  • Applicants are required to sign up for the conference with the early bird pricing.
  • We recommend to arrive earlier than the actual conference start date.
  • The first meeting point will be at the conference center on April 17 at noon in Germany.
  • As soon as the ministry team is set, we will set up a Zoom call to address details and questions.
  • Prophetic ministry teams will be matched with a German-speaking team member or recipient who will understand English.
  • Ministry times will be similar to the Morningstar Prophetic team ministry setup.
  • Your function at this conference will be to serve and not to receive ministry.

Want to be part of the Prophetic Ministry Team in Germany?

For more information about the conference, hotels, and travel click  HERE.