The School of the Prophets is a nine-month intensive program designed to bring people from all around the world that share an interest in the prophetic and a hunger for more. Whether with us in Fort Mill or joining us online via zoom, our activations are designed to help you grow in the prophetic through a simple but effective application.

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What will be our focus this year?

During this year’s School of the Prophets, we will advance further into the prophetic by exploring deeper revelations such as the kingly order of Melchizedek. According to the Melchizedek kingly order, we’ll be following the blueprint in Scripture of what the New Covenant/New Testament ministry looks like. We are called to rule as a king in our sphere of influence. We want to help you find your sphere and show you how you can bloom where you are planted.

We all hear from God in various spheres of influence: Family, Church, Education, Business, Economics, Entertainment, Arts, Music, etc.
What does kingly rule look like in your sphere of influence? Ruling over your passions and emotions, ruling over your time and schedule, influencing creation, being the salt of the earth wherever you are assigned.
We want to learn to take the revelation we receive as a priest and implement it as a king.


Our classes are held in the HIM Conference center in Fort Mill, SC. The in-person course is the perfect place to connect with like-minded people hungry for more of the prophetic in their life.


All our online classes are held live over zoom, allowing you to connect with others and participate in the same activations as the in-person class.


In addition to the monthly meetings, we also offer online connect groups. These groups are split up into time zones and meet every other week. They are here to activate the taught material further, discuss it, and share testimonies.


SOP teachers provide a powerful space to learn and a safe place to practice your prophetic gifting with other like-minded students.


MorningStar Staff:

– Chris Reed

– Rick Joyner

– Tom Hardiman

– MaryAnne Hardiman

– Michael Fickess

– Justin Perry


Guest speakers such as:

– Joe Sweet

– Stuart Greaves

– Ken Fish



Location: HIM Conference Center, 375 Starlight Drive, 29715 Fort Mill SC

For hotel reservations or questions; (discounts available for SOP students) call: 877-446-3836 email:

All our live online classes are held over zoom, allowing you to connect with others and participate in the same activations as the in-person class.

We record all the sessions, allowing you to watch them at your own speed and rewatch them as many times as you want.


In Person:  $3200 payments can be made in full or in monthly payments of $350 (with a first payment of $400)

Online: $1600 payments can be made in full or in monthly payments of $175 (with a first payment of $200).


Early Bird discount if paid in full before August 15th:



Partners/MFM/MFC/Heritage Courts/Military:


Each applicant can only receive one of these discounts.




If you’re staff/SPE then please contact the School of the Prophets at before enrolling.

2023/24 SOP DATES


7th – 9th


12th – 14th 


9th – 11th


7th – 9th


11th – 13th


8th – 10th


7th – 9th


11th – 13th


9th – 11th



7 – 9 PM



9 – 12 PM / 1:30 – 3:30 PM/ 7 – 9 PM



9 – 1 PM


"The course was life-changing for me. I grew in a deeper understanding of the prophetic, grew in confidence to reach out to others to share God's love through the gifting, and I made two wonderful friends with whom I am staying in touch. Thank you."
"Attending the SOP every month brought me out of a pit I was in. I live remotely, and with covid, it was mentally or emotionally healthy for me, and the teaching and Presence of the Holy Spirit helped me out of that pit. It set me towards being more on fire."
"After the impartation service, I returned home and ministered that following week and immediately got words of knowledge for names and dates, which I don’t usually get from the Lord. I got them sometimes, but now I’m getting them consistently.”



Email us!

Or call 803-802-5544, ext. 239


Upon completing the program, students will receive a certificate of completion from the MorningStar School of the Prophets.


Full refunds will be processed up to 30 days before the start of the course in September 2022. Once the course has started, refunds will be prorated based on how much of the course is remaining after notification of cancellation, minus a 15% administration fee.